How to make your essay longer

Many students start to feel nervous when they have tried every trick taught by their teachers and yet they are not able to reach the required word count when writing an essay. Length of an essay is determined by the word count and it is always one of the instructions issued by the teacher. You cannot simply enlarge the font size or wander outside the topic of the essay to make your essay long. There are some easy and simple tricks that can be used to lengthen your essay.

Elaborate on the thesis and add a background

If your teacher has given insufficient number of points, it becomes difficult to reach the word count specified by him. When this happens, you can use a few sentences to clarify the thesis or the main statement. You can describe the background to arrive at the main statement as it throws evidence in support of your statement. Talking about the background lends meaning to your essay and it does not look out of context either.

Make use of quotes

Quotes from famous authors provide a big help to students when trying to make their essays longer. If these quotes help in substantiating a point or just match the description, you can make your essay not just long but also more impressive. Write the quote and then explain it in your own words. Inclusion of a few quotes will look natural and serve the purpose of fillers without making your essay look fluffy.

Increase the length of introduction and conclusion

Introduction and conclusion are two important parts of your essay. You can easily increase the lengths of these two paragraphs if you are falling short of your word count. You can make use of an example from the real-life in your introduction to introduce the main topic as it looks logical and impressive. Similarly, you can touch down on all the points while writing the conclusion.

Lengthen the main body with examples

You usually give arguments in support of your thesis in an essay. These arguments look more convincing when you add a few examples from real-life situations. Another way to add words to your essay is to give counter-arguments and then rebut them with the help of your logic and reasoning. Doing more research on the topic and consulting multiple sources helps in reaching a required word count in an essay.